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Prediction is Fundamental

  • UrbanBeat Event Center 1213 Turner St Lansing, MI 48906 (map)

Keys to rapid learning and effective improvement methods are designed into your biology. Attend the next IQI Lunch & Learn, on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, to learn some of the latest research about your neocortex. Experience how the design of your brain may be influencing your ability to lead, to change, to produce desired results. 

"Your neocortex is constantly predicting its inputs."
Jeff Hawkins, Founder & President of Numenta, author of "On Intelligence." 

This fundamental brain process—constant prediction of inputs--has profound implications for leaders and managers. It impacts:

  • How effective we are at interpreting our conversations

  • The automatic meanings we attach to other’s actions

  • Levels of stress and fear we experience in the office

  • Missed observations on the shop floor (during Gemba walks, etc.)

  • The ease with which we make a change, or not

The neocortex is that part of the brain which distinguishes mammals from other creatures on our planet. The structures of the cells that make up the neocortex are remarkably similar throughout. Areas of your brain that process inputs from your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin are structurally identical. The “signal” processing methods used by each area of the neocortex are basically the same. 

Our brain encodes memories as sequences of patterns. As inputs are received, our brain is predicting what the next sequences of inputs will be. In unknown situations, more of our neurons are active. In familiar situations, fewer neurons are active. 

This information has implications for how well we can work together and learn together. 

Bring an associate and together you’ll participate in the Learning Curve Experiment, designed to highlight a significant feature of how your brain deals with learning and improvement.

Eric Budd is the Improvement Coordinator at Peaker Services, Inc. Peaker is a successful, 47-year old company based in Brighton, MI. Their workforce and management team seek to implement approaches to leadership, feedback processes, compensation and improvement based upon the work of W. Edwards Deming. Eric was a co-developer of the original version of the CQI Academy, has led and updated the CQI Academy since 2012 and now the IQI Academy. He holds a B.S in Information Management and a M.S. in Quality Systems Management. 

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