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"Capital Quality and Innovation (CQI) is now the Institute for Quality and Innovation (IQI)"

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We have some big things in store for 2019! Starting with the introduction to the new and improved Institute for Quality and Innovation!

Committed to the purpose of “Developing the next generation of transformational leaders,” the Institute for Quality & Innovation (IQI) is the next step in the CQI’s 27‐year journey of transformation.

The  renamed  organization remains a leader in teaching The System of Profound Knowledge for quality and innovation. Individuals and organizations will continue to benefit from the  learning and networking opportunities provided in the popular Academy and Lunch & Learn programs.

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your investment in learning how to become a transformational leader. We hope that you have been able to put to good use what you have learned through the academy both professionally and personally.

Whether you participated in the first CQI Academy many years ago or graduated from the last IQI Academy, you are an important part of transformational leadership and we invite you to our next stage of growth.

Included in this invitation is a 1st year complimentary membership to IQI,

which includes:

• Discounts to Lunch and Learn

• Discounts to the Annual Conference

• Discounts to the "new" Improvement Lab - Participants in the Improvement Lab meet quarterly in a safe, open discussion setting to review and plan approaches to their current improvement projects. Using the lens of the System of Profound Knowledge and free from some of the organizational constraints that may exist when exploring challenging issues, the Improvement Lab is where we experiment with the work of getting better. Graduates of the IQI/CQI Academy are welcome.


The IQI Board

Forums for innovation and quality leadership will expand in the next coming months through improved Lunch & Learn offerings, Improvement Lab sessions, Annual Conferences, research projects, advisory council sessions and expanded social media activity. 

Visit for event schedules and more!

Tina M